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Don't Starve Together Cave Beta How To

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Hello dear dont starve fans

Since the cave beta series have been released, how about we try it :D
It's the similar method with Dont Starve RoG update . Just follow short step below :D

1. Turn off your DST game client.
2. Right click Dont starve together game at steam, and choose properties

3. On tab "BETAS" select beta you wanna choose, and choose "cavebeta - Public test for the caves beta"

4. After choose the cave beta, go to "LOCAL FILES" tab and click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache".

5.  When you click it, a windows pop up show a validating steam process. Wait until 100% and finish.

6. After validating you can see your Dont Starve together name change to [cavesbeta]

7. Click play and enjoy the game :D

Thank You and GL

1 komentar :

  1. heey help. me betas tab not caves beta.trabdienpreview. trade Inn tpreview branch help mee plsss..!! look at this pls