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How to merge csv or excel file

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This entry is to tell how to combine a several excel document into one, usually i use it for monitoring and statistics purpose, like you have to report a Weekly monitoring , with same parameter on the file, except the date and the value of your parameter. Its 1 2 3 step only

1. Open all your excel document ( if still on .xls ) then safe as --> .csv and put all together in a folder, better new folder
2. Go to CMD , then enter your directory where you put the .csv file 
3. Type "copy *.csv merged.csv" , it means that all your .csv file will be merged out to merged.csv file. Boom, and its finish :) you only just to make sure the table header is 1 only by filter and remove them :)

Thanks and keep reading :D

1 komentar :

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