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DST ROG - Old Bell

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Dear dont starve fans,
This time i am capturing about how an old bell works :D
This new weapon is ready on Dont Starve RoG version, but havent been released in Dont Starve Together. Easy to craft and work fine (actually yea).

How to get old bell ?
1. Find Glommer Statue . Usually located near pig king on deciduous forest biome .

2. Mine glommer statue with pickaxe and it will drop an old bell bluepring, so just learn it.
3. Get glommer's flower at full moon ( pssst, usually happen at day 11, 31, 51, 71, etc ) , glommer and its flower will spawn, take the flower, it will follows you.

4.Kill it!!!!! Better not you directly, because if its you , it will spawn krampus. I usually rent pig and do ctrl f to glommer :D :D . to rent a pig u can give him any meat or egg. This glommer will drop glommer's wing.
5. Glommer's wing + glommer's flower = old bell . So after you learn the blueprint, on magic tab you can see old bell option.

And how to use it???

This old bell like calling a giant foot and this will step on the place you use it. So my tips is :
1. Use any sleep weapon to your enemy ( like pan flute, sleep dart, or ice staff)
2. When your enemy freeze, go near it and use old bell
3. Because old bell need a little time to call the big giant foot to come, move away from your summon place, because it can kills you too XD
4. Better kill your enemy near forest, because when giant foot come, it will break down all object near its step, so you can get free wood too lol
5. An old bell has 3x uses, so use it wisely.

For example, i used it to destroy burnt trees for free charcoal.
Selamat mencoba

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