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What should I cook for sanity booster ? Dont Starve version

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Sanity drop? No worry and cook these recipe :

1. Cooked Greencap
Very easy to make,just need to find green cap that rise at dusk time . Usually easy to find at swamp area.
Cooked green cap : 15 sanity, -1 hp, 0 hunger
Raw green cap      : -50 sanity, 0 hp, 12.5 hunger

2. Cooked Cactus Flesh - RoG
This one is easy too since can be found at anytime and any season. But you need to find Desert biome on RoG version. At summer the cactus gives flower that can be used for many thing (recipe and cloth).
Cooked cactus flesh : 15 sanity, 1 hp, 12.5 hunger
Raw cactus flesh : -5 sanity, -3 hp, 12.5 hunger

3. Taffy
If you have some beebox, it will be a cheap food.
Ingredient : 3 honey + anything (except any meats)
Taffy gives 15 sanity, -3 hp, and 25 hunger

4. Pumpkin Cookie
You can get the pumpki by planting random seed on farm.
Ingredient : 1 pumpkin + 2 honey + anything
Pumpkin cookies gives 15 sanity, 0 hp, and 37.5 hunger

5. Melonslice - RoG

It's a bit hard to make melon slice, since you need to get watermelon (plant on farm) and an ice (from gletser, usually at winter and autumn).
Ingredient : 1 watermelon + 1 twig + 1 ice + anything (except eggs,meats,and veggie)
Melon slices gives 20 sanity, 3 hp, and 12.5 hunger

6. Ice Cream - RoG
It's the best sanity recovery recipe from all food. But you need a bit rare ingredient like dairy product (milk from goat or buter from butterfly) , honey , and ice.
Ingredient : 1 dairy product + 1 ice + 1 honey + anything (except meats,eggs,veggies, and twigs)
Ice cream gives 50 sanity, 0 hp, and 20 hunger.

And also each cooked food mostly gives 5 sanity. So, keep sane :)

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