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Don't Starve - How to Enter Adventure Mode?

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Well Dont starve fan must be all know about this.
So to unlock Maxwell Character you need to finish adventure mode on dont starve. How???

1. Find Maxwell Door

Maxwell door is a teleport machine that can jump you from Sandbox mode to Adventure mode. You just need to find it on map at Sandbox mode whoever character you use (in picture i already unlock the Maxwell char). Activate the Maxwell's door

2. Choose "Lets Go"
After you activate the door there will be question. If you choose "Lets Go" you will move to the adventure mode :D

3. Dark Shadow Hand
When you choose lets go option, a big hand will grab and suck you out. You will bring nothing in your inventory.

4. 5 World You Need to Conquer

Welcome to Adventure Mode. The mission is to conquer 5 random world with finding 5 things (potato,ring,crank,box, and wooden thing ) on each map using divining rod (given). Each world has different characteristic :

*A cold reception  :  same with sandbox mode but season change very quickly
*King of winter  :  probably the 2nd hardest world because all is winter
*The game is afoot  :  start with 10 day winter,after that endless summer
*Archipelago  :  things are probably on each of 6 island separated by wormhole
*two world  :  no things on main island,need tot travel thru hole and each biome has different time cycle
*Darkness : this world is the hardest because the world is all night. So need to prepare from previous world. This world always appear as the 5th / last world of all 5.

When player finish 5 world, there will be epilogue that shows a drama between player and Maxwell. When you finish this chapter you will unlock the Maxwell character and every character you use before changed to Maxwell.

If you die on Adventure mode you will jump back to Sandbox with lose nothing but you need to restart adventure mode from the very beginning.And each chapter you conquer, you can bring 4 items with you. So tips are always have Tam O Hat and walking cane :)

For more info read

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