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Cactus - New Plant RoG

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Dear dont starve fans,
Whoever played RoG must be already know about this new plant - Cactus.
It grows at Desert Biome where you can find tumbleweed and goat too.

There are 2 type of cactus. With flower or no flower.
1. With flower
It can be found on summer. Gives 1 cactus flesh and 1 flower when picked

2. No flower
We can find at all season except summer, gives 1 cactus flesh when picked
Cactus flesh and flower categorized as veggie . When picked, it cost 6 hp with no armor, so better use armor like log suit or helmet when picked.

Cactus flesh at raw gives -3 hp, 12.5 hunger, and -5 sanity. When cooked it gives 1 hp, 12.5 hunger, and 15 sanity. Can be cooked for guacamole recipe too.

Cactus flower cant be cooked except using pot. It gives 8 hp, 12.5 hunger, and 5 sanity.
It can be cooked as flower salad recipe or to make floral shirt.

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