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7 dumb ways to die - dont starve version

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1. Burn Yourself!!!

In dont starve its the fastest way to die since its easy to do (burn trees n stand near) and kill 8-12 hp each second :) except willow is lower . This is the 1st easiest and fastest way to suicide in dont starve and very recommended LOL

2. Aww, dont hit me tentacle!

For dying by tentacle you need to find it first in swamp (take time lol). Tentacle kill 34 hp each hit with attack period 2 times :) so in 1 time you will lose 68 hp which for wilson need 3 times to die.

3. Let me kill the spider, or ..

Spider can easily kill you too since it kills 20 hp each hit and their attack period is 3 times. So if there is 10 spider you can die in 1 hit time :D

4. Charlie! its me!

Charlie is an invisible hostile damage source. it kills 100hp in 1 hit. It happen when player stay at dark without light . The sign that she will come is when player state something (i.e Charlie? Its me! Maxwell! for Maxwell character).
Its the 2nd easiest and fastest way to die since it needs nothing and player can die in 2 hit :P

5. Stay hungry stay foolish

Well its easy too using this way but you need about several days to get starving (except wolfgang) to drain your hunger, depend on character full hunger.
When its empty, hunger drain 1.25 hp each second and your surroinding become red.

6. What? its winter?
Freezing is easy to kill you too , but it only happen at winter. So this one is the worst way to die if you wanna suicide XD LOL
Freezing happen when player temperature is low (5 degrees for vanilla and 10 degrees on RoG). When temperature below 0 degrees, screen will frost and hp will flow down about 1.25 each second.

7. Is that beef or buffalo or something :O
Beefalo is cute, combination between beef and buffalo . Its easy to die in herd, just hit 1 of them and all will kill you. 1 hit of beefalo make you lose 34 hp (same with tentacle). So its very easy to die from beefalo,but you need to find them!

So, which way will you die?

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