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Don't Starve Together Beta RoG :D

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yay Don't Starve Together RoG udah ada betanya, ayo pada buruan pasang XD
how to nya dibawah :

*You must already own Don't Starve Together. (Reign of Giants not required.) The game must not be running.

*In your Steam client right click on Don’t Starve Together Beta and select “Properties”

*Select the “Betas” tab

*Enter the code “rogtogetherbeta” in the text box and press the “Check Code” button. You should see a confirmation message that the RoG_Together_Beta is now available.

*In the drop-down under menu select to opt into RoG_Together_Beta. You should see a message that you have successfully opted into the RoG_Together_Beta. Press “Close”.

*Usually after it, they will ask for some update. Update game and enjoy playing 

Habis itu log in ke DST nya dan silahkan pilih server RoG yang tersedia  . Oia kalau mau join, ada server "Indonesia RoG Survivalist" biar koneksi lebih ok.
Selamat bermain XD

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