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Shipwreck is Here!

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Dear don't starve fans, shipwreck dlc is here :) lets play water!!

First of all, when you start you will spawn on an island surrounded by sea.

All you have to do is finding flints, grass, and twig. If you find some flint already, you can start making a raft. There are different kinds of raft you can make without machine. Its on the nautical tab, 3rd from above.

These are the nautica tab. The easiest raft is log raft, but if you find flints better make machete, and cu some vine and bamboo and make raft.

Each type of raft have different usage, the better the raft, the longer you can use it on the sea :)

So, when you can craft raft, go sail and find islands near you, and make base!

Happy play :)

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