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Indian Man, Crazy Cars Inventor

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Called Sudhakar Yadav, an Indian man is a weird car invetor. He build by himself up to 700 cars with unique models. It’s amazing.

Health warning: One of Mr Yadav's cars, in the shape of a cigarette, makes its way down a road along with the other trafficFashion accessories: Mr Yadav with his family in cars shaped like a shoe, a bag, a make-up compact and lipstick

Multi-purpose: This car can also be used as a dinning table

Sit back and relax: One of Mr Yadav's cars, in the shape of a sofa, being displayed at a fair in Hyderabad, India

Fun times: Children enjoy a ride in a dinning table car at a fair in Hyderabad

Say cheese: A car in the shape of a digital camera gains plenty of attention as it makes its way down the road

In pics: Sudhakar Yadav's Crazy Cars!

Who fancies a cuppa? The inventive Mr Sayad says he does not have any particular inspiration, he just builds whatever he feels like making

So, which one you wanna ride of ?? Open-mouthed smile

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