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LELE KEREN–Kantin BCA Gedung Hijau

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This is my friend’s food stall in BCA foodcourt Gedug Hijau. It’s new so he invites us to try his food. And it’s good Open-mouthed smilereally


Lele or you call catfish become the main menu, they use Lele Sangkuriang,

a quite big species of catfish. But it’s not only plain catfish, they modify the menu.

Some of them mixed with green pepper, rendang sauce, scrambled egg, and other.

Very interesting , cheap, and delicious. Here’s the menu. I tried lele sambel ijo (green pepper).

The concept is similar with Lele Lela.

lele kerenlele-sambel-ijomenu

Beside the delicious food, this canteen also have a good place to spend a time with friend.

He said they will open delivery service soon. Now they just open every working hour on working day. Smile

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