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Burung Dara Jogjakarta

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Few months ago, me and friends visited Jogjakarta, city of culinary and cultures. We stayed about three-four days on Sosrowijayan street near Pasar Kembang (sarkem). It’s near Malioboro, just need to walk 5 or 10 minutes, and you can get all the clothes and merchandise shops around you.

In the night, Malioboro is full of culinary stall, lined up along the road. You can find authentict culinary from Jogja, like gudeg, oseng2 mercon, ronde, and others. At the time, my javanese friend suggested me to try “burung dara goreng / bakar” . Burung dara means dove, goreng means fried, bakar is grilled. So we ordered both ╭(^پ^)╯  ╭(^پ^)╯  ╭(^پ^)╯

burung dara

When the food came, I got shock to see the shape. It’s quite scary because it’s thin, especially the grilled one. It’s black LOL . But when you try it, it’s very good. I mean the taste i s really different with chicken. It’s really has its own taste, and its unique. And also, bring hand sanitizer because you will eat this by hand, make the taste better. So i have no regret to try it LOL

(◦ “̮ ◦) (◦ “̮ ◦)•*¨*•.¸

You know, because this menu is seldom found in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. So if you go to Jogjakarta, spare a time to try this Open-mouthed smile

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