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Sweet Merchandise

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1.Green tea Kit Kat

 My friend bought it from japanese. She said that in japanese, there are lots of flafour of kit-kat and this one is I like the most. Yah, in Indonesia only few of them, that's why ... LOL.
The bourbon chocolifre series also different, but i don't really like it. The crepes one is salty and spicy rice cracker. Quite good.
For candy and little meiji chocolate is usual.

2. Konnyaku - Jelly Candy
My friend came from Hong Kong and he brought japanese snack, quite random LOL . But it's funny. the square jelly-like candy studded with white sugar . Quite interesting. Just like eating jelly.

3. Chinese sweets
I get this from my chinese college. How do I say, it's quite sour. Inside is fruit pickle, outside is caramel but it's hard. You cannot chew this anyway, just suck little by little LOL .But it's healthy . Most of chinese snack are made by fruit :D

4. Polvoron - Puto Seko
I like this sweets the most. Fatima, my filipino friend always bring this for me (she knows I like it the most) , and also puto seko.

Polvoron I think made by milk, sugar, and nuts. When you put it in your tongue, it's melty. It's really delicious . For the new Goldilocks polvoron, they made some kind of flafor like peanut, cookies n cream, pinipig,coffee, and original(cashew). I like original the most.

5. Ritter Sport
I think it's usual yaa. Hahaha . I like the cornflakes.

6. Chocodot
This is Indonesian chocolate from Garut. Someone give me when I was in college :D
Guess who!!

7. Dodol - Garut Full of Flafor
Again- Garut. If you go to garut, it's not complete if you dont buy this snack named Dodol (sometimes dodol means stupid, but eating this will not make you like that LOL) . Dodol made by sticky rice combined with sugar and coconut milk. It has sweet and chewy texture. The new dodol version now is adding some fruit flafor on it. Should try :)

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